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When I was finally ready to purchase my first home after I graduated from college and found a stable job, I was on a tight budget. I settled for a house that was "good enough" for the time-being, but knew that in the future I would move to a larger one. Once I met my wife and she moved in, we thought about moving but loved the location of our home and had made great friends with the neighbors. For years, we thought we had "to settle" with the home we had since we didn't want to move, but recently, we decided to have several of our rooms remodeled. We are now in love with our home and think everyone should live in a home they love! We decided to start a blog to share what we learned about home construction and remodeling during the process!

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Three Ways To Prepare Your Roof For Winter Weather

There are two times per year when your roof needs to go through an inspection: right before summer when summer storms are likely to take a toll on the roof and right before winter when the weather tends to be more extreme, especially if you live in a climate where it snows. Each time, the roof will require a different form of maintenance to be sure that the roof is prepared for the specific weather it's about to face. Here are three ways to prepare your roof for the winter season:

  1. Check for Leaks: You definitely don't want to have a leak in the roof ever, but you especially don't want one in the winter season when there's a chance that extreme water damage can be done to your home because of a leak. To check for leaks, you want to look for the most obvious signs, which include water spots on the ceiling, missing shingles and loose flashing, which is the metal that surrounds roof accessories like the chimney. If you do notice any signs of leaking, you can either DIY the fix or hire professionals. Hiring professionals is most ideal if you don't have any experience fixing roof leaks or if current weather conditions are less than ideal for you to get the leak fixed safely. 
  2. Clean the Gutters: Rain and melting snow is not going to be able to travel away from your home if the gutters are not cleaned. The gutters should create a clear path in order to take the water away before it causes water damage to your home. If you plan on cleaning the gutters yourself, just be sure that you wear gloves, shoes that grip on the roof, and clothes that keep you covered. If you don't have a spotter, which is someone who watches you from down below, it's much better to hire professionals to get the job done more safely. 
  3. Get a Professional Inspection: If you didn't hire professionals for the above two reasons, you will still need to in order to get an inspection. It never hurts to get a second opinion to ensure that your roof is meeting quality standards to keep your home safe. 

These are just three ways to prepare your roof for the winter season. Be sure that you also take the professional's suggestions seriously since they could prevent problems from not only becoming worse, but also more expensive. If you have more questions, contact companies like Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc.