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Never Settle for a Home You Don't Love

When I was finally ready to purchase my first home after I graduated from college and found a stable job, I was on a tight budget. I settled for a house that was "good enough" for the time-being, but knew that in the future I would move to a larger one. Once I met my wife and she moved in, we thought about moving but loved the location of our home and had made great friends with the neighbors. For years, we thought we had "to settle" with the home we had since we didn't want to move, but recently, we decided to have several of our rooms remodeled. We are now in love with our home and think everyone should live in a home they love! We decided to start a blog to share what we learned about home construction and remodeling during the process!

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2 Great Ways To Customize Your Fire Pit

Having a fire pit in your backyard can be a great addition for so many different reasons. You have the option of using the fire pit all year long, whether it be to roast hot dog and marshmallows in the summer time or to warm your hands and body by the fire in the winter time. No matter what the case, you know that you are going to get a lot of use out of it. While having a fire pit in general is going to be great, having one that you can customize is often going to be even better. This allows you to make the fire pit your own and blend it in well with the rest of your landscaping features. This article is going to discuss 2 great ways to customize your fire pit.

Add Stone Work 

One great way to customize and beautify your fire pit is to add some stone work that goes all of the way around it and also onto the ground below. You can use natural stones for this, bricks, or even just cement. The stones or bricks are going to create a more customized look and will allow you to really make it your own because you have so many different kinds to choose from. You can have the stone work create a circular wall around the actual fire pit, and then have it extend out across the ground, as far as you would like. This creates more of an enjoyable and beautiful area for you to use your fire pit. 

Install A Bench 

When you are near your fire pit, it is often going to be beneficial for you to have a place to sit down. While you could potentially just bring a chair over and sit down when you want to enjoy the fire, having a more permanent location to sit can be even better. One great way to do this is to have a bench installed. You can create your bench using the same stone that you created the wall and flooring out of, or you could do something completely different using metal or some other material. To add more use to the bench, you could even have some tables installed. Using either stone or metal is going to ensure that these items do good in the outdoor elements and aren't going to be damaged by the fire.